The first post!

Hi everybody and welcome to!  My name is Kate, and this is my first blog.  I’m creating this blog as site as part of Scott Dinsmore’s Start-A-Blog Challenge.  He’s offering a chance to attend the 2015 World Domination Summit for free.  How could I turn that down?

And he made it seem so easy to start a blog (and it is, apparently!) that I couldn’t NOT do it.

For a while, I’ve been wanting to start sharing my ideas and experience with personal development – and it would be amazing to build a career in this field.  For now, it’s a blog, and we’ll see where it leads – hopefully to someplace awesome that I can’t even imagine yet.  That’s the beauty of creative endeavors such as this – not knowing exactly how it will turn out.

So, to explain the domain name.  Over and over again, I’ve found that questioning the validity of my own thoughts is instrumental to living a happy, fulfilling life.  The more I inquire, the more skeptical and questioning I am of my own mind, the richer my world becomes, the more perceived options I have, and the less fear I have.  It helps keep me honest, grounded in reality, and in a creative state of mind.

I’m inspired by several inquirers and thinkers, but particularly by Byron Katie.  I’ll be posting about my experience with her method of inquiry (called “The Work”) quite a bit, and also about other people, and their methods, which have helped change my thinking and my life.

Thanks to Scott for inspiring me to do this and providing clear instructions!  More to come tomorrow.