use these six simple words to instill confidence.

The latest fridge note I wrote to myself is simple, yet effective.

It says this:


My only concern in life is the very next step I will take.  It doesn’t say “You know what to do tomorrow,” or even “You know what to do ten minutes from now.”  That’s for future me to know, and it’s not my concern.

I’ve had this note up for just a few days, and I’m already noticing a big difference in how I go through the day.  Less indecisiveness, more overall confidence.  More trust in myself.

Try it!  Display these words somewhere you’ll see them often.  See what happens.



book announcement!


There’s been something gnawing away at me.  I feel the itch to write, write, write – and not just in blog form, though blogging has been amazing.  I think it will turn into several books, actually.  I’ve already begun writing the first one, and I can already see that there’s so much material that it won’t all be able to fit into one book.

I’d like to get the first book written and published (at least as an eBook) by next year.  We’ll see if it happens in that timeframe, but that is my intention.

In the meantime, I might update Questioned Mind sporadically.  I’m glad that I forced myself to update the blog once a week for a while, and the accountability is now ending as the book takes priority.  I realized that I was starting to dread coming up with a new idea and essay each week, while simultaneously writing a book, launching a life coaching business. and working two other part-time jobs.  (There’s a lesson here: when dread starts to arise, it might be time to either let the activity go or do it less often.)

Please feel free to take a look at some of the previous entries that you may have missed the first time around.  My first book will be about similar topics.

Thanks for following the blog, and I’ll write here again.  Assuming I’m still alive.