on bigotry, blame and discomfort

          If discomfort were a choice, no one in their right mind would choose it.  Everyone wants their own body to feel good and to avoid pain.  That is the underlying motivation of our actions – to feel okay in our bodies.
          Take, for example, a bigot.  This is someone who is uncomfortable with what is.  Did they choose to feel discomfort?  No.  
          If you blame bigots for being the way they are, did you choose to feel that bodily discomfort?  To blame is to feel uncomfortable and tense.  If it were a choice, you wouldn’t choose it.  
          They didn’t choose the discomfort of bigotry.   You didn’t choose the discomfort of blame.
          When we come to understand that no one chooses discomfort, we see that everyone’s discomfort is due to unfortunate circumstances.  
          As a society, we can change those circumstances and decrease the likelihood of discomfort.  It will be easier when we stop blaming each other.  Once the blame ends, the changes will skyrocket.  Compassion for all people will be the norm.  Hate and anger will plummet, and we’ll talk people out of their unfortunate beliefs instead of blaming them for their beliefs, because we’ll know better than to blame.  And the world of blame in which we currently reside will be a thing of the past.  
          It starts with us, the ones who realize that the world’s discomfort is no one’s fault.