don’t believe these words.

This is a shorter version of what will become a longer work.

Don’t believe these words, because words are not accurate.  Instead, transcend language.

How does one transcend language?  By simply noticing that none of the words we use are accurate.   The word tree is not a tree.  The name Kate is not me.  It’s just what I happen to call myself.  The word is a shortcut, so people don’t have to tap me on the shoulder whenever they want my attention.  Or, they use it when I’m not around so they can tell people which person they’re referring to.

So we are not our labels.  If you’ll notice, things are not their labels.

So much of my joy is in the wordless noticing of the world.  Reality is wordless, and words superimpose it.  I’d describe reality as beautiful, but even that is inaccurate.  Because the words are inherently not accurate.  The feeling of it can’t be described in words.

Words, when taken seriously, can box in our understanding of reality.  Are you a sinner, or a saint?  Why does that dichotomy exist?  Is it a good person or a bad person?   The very premise of these opposites is false.

I used to think it ironic that I’m a writer who transcends language.   And even that is a strange thought – “transcending” language?  But I don’t know how else to put it.  But I suppose it’s not that ironic.  It’s just language noticing itself, and undoing itself.

It never feels like I’m the one typing, either.  It’s not like I’m taking credit for anything “I” have written.  It’s more like the body sits down, the hands type, and this comes out, and there is nothing blocking this from happening.

To people who are trapped, through no fault of their own, in a state of non-flow right now, these words will make absolutely no sense.  The state of flow is difficult to explain in words.  It feels like total ease, total truth, total love, no resistance, and not caring about what the other minds are thinking.  Not trapped in fear.

But back to the words.  They’re not accurate.  And even that is not an accurate way to say it.  I can never state something accurately, at least not when it comes to explaining reality.