there’s no such thing as being too sensitive

If anyone has ever told you that you are too sensitive, they were mistaken.  Sensitivity is an often-misunderstood condition.

I’m a highly sensitive person.  The acronym is HSP.  This week I went to two meetups for people who are HSP, and both were empowering and gave me a better understanding.

Highly sensitive people experience life more intensely than other people, and are more affected by other people’s energy and the environments they are surrounded by.  It’s a bodily condition, not just a mental or emotional one (hint: think about the body holistically, noting that mind/emotion/body are all linked and affect each other).

Another term you might look into is HSS.  It stands for high sensation seeking.  If you find yourself bored fairly easily, or if you were ever diagnosed with ADHD, it might help to read up more on it.  I identify as HSS, too.  Many people identify as one or the other, or both.

There’s nothing wrong with me, or people like me – we just need the proper resources and techniques in order to live a satisfying life.  We’re all built uniquely and we all have different requirements, so be gentle with yourself.  Give yourself a break, and limit time spent with people who can’t or won’t be comfortable with the way you naturally are.  Educate the people who are willing to listen.

Being sensitive is not inherently good or bad.  It just is.  There are definitely certain advantages to it.  I like that it’s easy for me to empathize with others and feel compassion.  The crying is kind of neutral for me.  I just accept it when it comes, and don’t judge myself for it.  I used to be super embarrassed about it.  Now I just view it as my body’s natural reaction to certain stimuli.  I sometimes leave the room if I’m around other people when it happens – depends on the day and the circumstance.

Brad Yates, who is my EFT go-to guru, did a wonderful tapping round on the topic of sensitivity, which can be found here.  Another good resource for HSP can be found at




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